Environment policy

Fleischhauer is internationally known for experience and innovation in the manufacturing of tickets, cards and RFID products. We feel responsible to respect natural resources and work on ecological sustainability. Ecological objectives in addition to economical and social objectives are integral part of our corporate strategy.

The production of tickets and cards requires the use of raw materials as well as energy. Responsible and saving consumption of these resources covers ecological and economical objectives at the same time. We make sure that our whole staff is aware of environmental consequences of unnecessary material and energy consumption.

We are working on a direct improvement of our ecological balance. Our photovoltaic power plant produces more than 100.000 kilowatt hours solar electricity. This allows our customers to use products without carbon footprint. We are proud to generate clean power and we will continue to force investments in environmental-friendly technologies in the future.

We registered our environmental management system for the ISO 14001 certification to confirm the integrated organisational implementation.