Security policy

The security standard of Fleischhauer evolves from the challenging and security relevant range of applications of our products.

Our aim is to legitimate the trust of our clients in secure manufacturing and storage processes.

Fleischhauer`s security policy grants an important role to the security in the daily operational processes. Thereby, the framework is set that simultaneously embraces the plant’s infrastructure, the production environment, the storage of products and data security. We regard this security concept as essential requirement for handling with sensitive data and products in cooperation with our clients.

Maintaining these defined security standards in manufacturing and storage processes has a strong strategic relevance for the economic development in the area of ticketing. It allocates the necessary personal and material resources to an active and functioning security system that secures to retain and improve these standards.

Internal audits take place on a regular basis to ensure that the security standards comply with our security handbook.

With identification of changed security requirements, quantitative and qualitative changes will be made to our security targets. Aligning our security criteria using client audits is part of the security policy of our company that is oriented first and foremost to the requirements of our clients.