Quality policy

Fleischhauer is a manufacturer of tickets, cards and RFID-products covering mass transit, car parking, people access and identification systems. The intensive cooperation with equipment manufacturers and system providers worldwide demand a very high quality standard.

The high quality of our products is the prerequisite for long lasting relationships with clients and continuous economic success. A complex and dynamic economic environment requires the ability to perceive changes and technological advancements as challenges and take advantage of them to improve and enhance products and processes. The targeted production outcome is strongly aligned to the specifications of system manufacturers. Only this guarantees the functional capability of our machine readable data carriers.

The regulations of our quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 build the regulation framework within our company with the aim to secure the quality of our products and to strengthen the trust in the productive efficiency of our products and services. Continuous improvements of all our operational processes are part of our aim to constantly enhance the satisfaction of our clients with our products and services.

The people in our company are at the core of these efforts. Their commitment is the condition for a consistent enhancement of our quality standard. Thereby, they form the basis for a long lasting partnership with our clients and eventually the success of our company.